F.A.B. M4-AK

M4 Folding Buttstock for AKM 47 (Metal Joint)

The M4-AK Buttstock replaces your AKM OEM stock with an M16/M4 collapsible / right folding stock.


  • Non slip design provides superior shoulder positioning enhancing tactical performance
  • Stock manufactured to fit your AKM 47 stamped receiver
  • Integrated quick detach sling swivel connectors on both sides
  • Original GALIL folding mechanism made of Mill-Spec Hardened steel - stands extreme abuse
  • After market sized 6061 hard anodized aluminum buffer tube
  • Fit any M4 collapsible stock
  • Built-in sealed batteries compartment
  • Quick stock deployment, folds to the right side
  • Ideal for use in confined areas and close-quarter engagements
  • Minimal size when folded
  • Massive strength, ability to use weapon as a baton
  • The toughest folding stock available


  • AKM-47 (Stamped Receiver) Variants.


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Weight763 gr
Width47 mm
Height131 mm
Length229 mm
Length (open / deployed)320 mm