F.A.B. Safety Rod

Polymer Safety Rod

Our large selection of Safety Rods for 9mm / 5.56x45 / 7.62x39 offer a perfect high visibility safety solution for training and for storage.


  • Securely blocks the barrel and chamber, preventing the chambering of a live round
  • Extended length over the flash hider and bright red colored  for enhanced visibility
  • Highly efficient safety toll for accident prevention during dry training

Available models:

  • 7.62x39 - 19’’/480mm (AK-47), Weight: 20g.
  • 5.56x45 - 20’’/515mm (Rifle), Weight: 13g.
  • 5.56x45 - 16.5’’/425mm (Carbine), weight: 11g.
  • 5.56x45 - 13.5’’/340mm (Commando), weight: 9g
  • 9X19 - 16.5’’/425mm (Tavor), weight: 21g
  • 9x19 - 10.5’’/268mm (MP5/UZI), weight: 13g
  • 9x19 - 5’’/125mm (Pistol), weight: 6g
  • .22 -  4.5’’/112mm (Pistol), weight: 2g

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