Full Picatinny Rail Covers

The RC Full Picatinny Rail Covers provides a superior tough polymer cover slide over your Picatinny rails.


  • Furnishes contour of a Rounded, Smooth, Circular Handguard
  • Protects Shooter's Hand from Sharp Edges of Unused Rails and Barrel Emitted Heat
  • Facilitates Appropriate Thermal Insulation
  • Protects Exposed Rails from Damage
  • Renders Rail Less Vulnerable to Snag On Clothing and Equipment
  • Assists Shooter in Maintaining Improved Weapon Control
  • Pre-Segmented Construction for Ease in Cutting Length For a Custom Fit
  • Multiple Sections May Be Mounted Consecutively for Smooth, Visually Continuous Cover for Longer Handguards

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Weight29 gr
Width38 mm
Height14 mm
Length146 mm