F.A.B. SBT-V58

Recoil Reducing VZ. 58 Buffer-Tube

The SBT-V58 Recoil Reducing Buffer Tube for VZ.58 replaces your stock with an M16/M4 buffer-tube, compatible with most after-market sized M4 collapsible buttstocks.


  • Recoil reducing buffer, will improve accuracy and “on target time” under rapid fire
  • 8 positions tube for optimal fit of the stock length to your battle stanch
  • Constructed from durable & light weight fiberglass reinforced polymer composite
  • No gunsmith required


  •  VZ.58
  • After-market sized M4 collapsible buttstocks


  • When using the Shock Absorbing Buttstock System, it is strictly prohibited to place any body parts on top or above the exposed part of the shock absorbing tube (with an emphasis on the shooter’s cheek).


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Weight149 gr
Width48 mm
Height44 mm
Length224 mm


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