Horizontal Magazine Carrier

The MTH Horizontal Magazine Carrier incorporates a new and innovative design which enables the carry of a loaded magazine on your rifle, where you need it, for the fastest possible transition of a loaded magazine to the firearm.


  • Don’t Be Caught Reaching For Your Vest Pouch or Pockets!
  • Lock and Load Fast and Effectively - Simply Rotate the Magazine 90 Degrees, Chamber a Round and You Are Ready to Engage
  • A Safe and Secure Way to Carry a Gun and a Magazine Together But Not Loaded
  • Allows for Easier Visual Weapon Situational Awareness (loaded or unloaded).
  • Manufactured With Strong, Durable, Lightweight Reinforced Polymer
  • Snug Fitting Rattle Free Design
  • Fits Securely Into the Magazine Well Keeping it Safe From Obstruction and Debris

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