F.A.B. FBA / L

Bayonet Lug Flashlight/Laser Attachment
The top quality FBA Bayonet Flashlight/Laser Attachment is Designed to Hold Tactical Lights and Laser Devices.


  • Available in 3/4"and 1" Diameter Sizes
  • Provides a Secure Bolt Locking System for the Mounted Device
  • Tight Fit of Adaptor Ensures the Stability and Accuracy of All Laser & Optical Devices
  • Precision Machined from Aviation-Grade Anodized Aluminum Stock
  • Durable, Lightweight Construction.
  • Easy to Fit and Dismantle
  • Secured by Hex ("Allen" type) Bolts
  • Ideal Mounting Solution for Laser Pointers
  • Compact Platform Holds Optics As-Close to Barrel Line as Possible
  • No Modification or Gunsmith Required


  • Available in 3/4'' and 1'' Versions for M4/AR15, VZ-58 and UZI.