Integrated Folding Foregrip and 1 Inch Flashlight Mount

The Integrated Folding Foregrip and 1" Flashlight Mount is made for any 1" diameter Tactical Light, a compact version of the FFA-T4.


  • Enhances Overall Weapon Control and Versatility
  • Transforms from a Horizontal to Vertical Grip for Versatile Tactical Maneuvers
  • Quick Release Tactical Light Removal
  • When in Horizontal Position,Push the Grip Open and It Locks in the Vertical Position.Press Release Button to Fold Back
  • Unique Design Locks the Hand in for an Extremely Secure Grip

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Weight151 gr
Width44 mm
Height71 mm
Length139 mm
Width (open / deployed)44 mm
Height (open / deployed)138 mm
Length (open / deployed)89 mm