F.A.B. M4-VZ P

M4 Folding Buttstock for VZ.58 (Polymer Joint)

The M4-VZP Buttstock for the VZ.58 converts your VZ58 OEM stock to M16/M4 collapsible and side folding stock.


  • Stock Manufactured to Fit the VZ58
  • Non Slip Design Provides Superior Shoulder Positioning Enhancing Tactical Performance   
  • After Market Sized 6061 Hard Anodized Aluminum Buffer Tube Fits Any M4 Stock
  • Slightly Angled to Allow Optimal Sight Alignment 
  • Tube Incorporates a Sealed Compartment
  • Quick Stock Deployment Folds to the Left Side
  • No Gunsmith Required 
  • Ideal for Use in Confined Close-Quarter Combat Areas Due to it's Compact Size when Folded
  • Able to Use Weapon as a Baton

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Weight509 gr
Width47 mm
Height131 mm
Length259 mm
Length (open / deployed)332 mm


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