F.A.B. GLR-440

Glock Compact Models Tactical Stock

The Fab Defense GLR-440 Glock Tactical Stock provides you with an optimal accessory when taking your Glock Pistol to the next tactical stage.


  • Enhances Accuracy at longer Ranges
  • Unique Sling Feature
  • Quick-Release for Easy Attachment and Removal
  • Extends to Various Lengths for Versatile Tactical Shoulder Positioning
  • Ideal for Concealed Carry
  • Reinforced Polymer Composite Construction
  • Favored by Undercover Law Enforcement & Security Personnel
  • Durable, Lightweight & Easy to Conceal and Carry
  • Compatible with FAB Camera Adaptor: Enables Steady Aiming of Camera for Long-Range Photography
  • Glock Compact 9mm / .40 Models
  • Non-Compatible to the Glock Gen 4 and Subcompact Models

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Notification: Product Discontinued

Upgraded version:


Weight209 gr
Width26 mm
Height146 mm
Length264 mm
Length (open / deployed)380 mm


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