GL CORE IMPACT CP Recoil Absorbing Buttstock

Introducing the revolutionary new F.A.B. Defense, GL-Core IMPACT, a Shock absorbing buttstock.

Featuring a 3-setting adjustable mechanism, the GL-Core IMPACT allows you to customize the level of recoil reduction to suit your needs & caliber, whether you're shooting long range, 5.56, or close quarters, buckshot, this buttstock has you covered.

Made with durability and reliability in mind, the GL-Core IMPACT is sure to become an essential part of your shooting setup, just mount on any Mil-Spec or Commercial carbine tube and with its ability to absorb shock and reduce recoil, you'll experience improved accuracy and control on the range.

Don't let excess recoil ruin your shooting experience. Upgrade to the F.A.B. Defense GL-Core IMPACT Buttstock today and take your shooting to the next level!


• Patented Recoil reduction mechanism with three variable recoil settings

• Minimizes felt recoil by up to 50%

• Improves accuracy

• Reduces shooter fatigue

• Includes a three stage CP

• Works with multiple platforms and calibers

• Easy installation and adjustment

• Ergonomically shaped rubberized butt-pad

• Interchangeable buffer tube adaptors for Mil-Spec and Commercial tubes

• Inverted positioning lever will not open accidentally

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Weight476 gr
Width7 mm
Height16 mm
Length18 mm


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