F.A.B. TSB Kit

Tactical sniper bench kit- including TSB and SP Tripod

The TSB (Tactical Sniper Bench) is a tripod mounted portable shooting bench, that enables target engagement in either sitting or standing positions, with the SAME accuracy as prone position!

Developed by the leading CT Snipers in Israel, the TSB was invented during long active duty engagements, to meet the challenges of the modern tactical sniper teams.

The TSB allows for a comfortable long stay and arrangement of equipment, with elbow support and use of standard rear-bag and bipods to ensures maximum stability in a standing or sitting positions.

This fast deployment and silent toolkit, utilizes exiting positions, without the need to move/alter or make any noise at the chosen location.

The TSB and Mantis are developed in conjunction with Zikitec LTD.

Weight includes aluminum tripod, net weight 2.6 Kg.



  • Enables a “Prone-Like” stability, while standing or sitting
  • Developed to meet the challenges of the urban Special Forces & Counter-Terrorist units
  • Designed for long period Sniping engagements
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Modular system, accepts special camouflage kits and accessories (sold as separate product)
  • Lightweight, Table weigh at 2.6 Kg only
  • Adjustable for left handed and right handed snipers, and for a wide variety of sniper rifles
  • Sold with a designated tripod as a complete sniping solution

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